The extraction of data through connected systems streamlines decision-making processes within organizations, this is very important and extremely necessary; It is expected that information becomes predictive and strategic material, however there is a gap to be filled and it is the decisions that companies make daily, based on many variables that can not be controlled.

It is at this point that Market Intelligence By ERC has the competence to use its human capital to support companies in the validation or attainment of classified information.


X-RAY: We diluted the DNA of a company and condensed it into a document understandable by the different hierarchies of the company; includes, among others, the relevant milestones in its trajectory, corporate structure, operation map, human team including contact data and key persons, financial results of the last years, related news and any information that generates value for the objectives of each client.

Business Monitoring: Follow up to the strategic operations of a company, allowing to anticipate investment movements, disinvestment, commercial tactics, among other variables that may be of interest to identify business opportunities.

Sector Reports: They allow to have a real time radiography of the market and make strategic decisions, including the analysis of the main competitors, the size of the market and, in general, the traceability of the economic variables that may affect its dynamics in the short and medium term.

Market Intelligence By ERC It is leveraged in information to be agile, and goes further, researching and constructing information that is not found in another source.

¿Do you need deep and confidential information from your clients, competitors or prospects that you do not find on the internet or with your data mining provider?

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¡Value information! TRADE TRENDS ESTIMATES LATIN AMERICA 2019 EDITION Source: Inter-American Development Bank

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