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We are the market research department of ERC Holding Group LLC; We work with a group of professionals from different areas especially related to economics, finance, administration, marketing, anthropology, engineering and sociology.

All legal, commercial and financial aspects related to «MARKET INTELLIGENCE BY ERC» are managed directly by the management of ERC Holding Group, under its corporate name, ID and legal representation.

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To be an integral provider for national and international companies that value the information as their main asset.


Provide truthful and quality information to companies through the application of methodologies and technological tools, led by a specialized human team.

Our Team

It is conformed by specialists in:

Data scientists
Market Researchers
Process engineers
Business managers
Financial Administrators
Specialists in field work

International coverage

In Market Intelligence By ERC, we have the support and international experience of strategic allies that are located in different parts of the world.

Our work scheme

All our studies are planned by the specialists of each area and for its development, we have an operating team of great trajectory.

1. Hypothesis

We analyze scenarios

2. Methodologies

We elaborate the proposal

3. Field

We carry out a pilot test and execute

4. Presentation

We deliver the results

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