The dynamics of business requires specialization and ability to react to economic phenomena that are not necessarily the result of trends.

Globalization makes possible the expansion of companies, being able to reach where it was previously unthinkable.

However, being global implies having a deep knowledge of each place where you want to have a presence.

Variables such as culture, climate, purchasing power, demographics, among others, make the conditions of use of a product or a service influence the purchasing decisions of consumers and we all know that if a product or service is not Well focused on the market, it is putting the company’s investment at risk.

All managers or entrepreneurs, dream of seeing their brands expanded in different latitudes but know that to achieve this they need updated information and that is why we have developed in Market Intelligence By ERC the globalization of markets; our fundamental purpose is to find information that allows us to make decisions reducing the risk and for this we have a multidisciplinary team that applies marketing techniques and methodologies, a fundamental discipline of economic doctrine.

Market intelligence conjugate with your experience the channel that your company needs to be more effective in making decisions.

We offer integrated services for companies that want to know in depth market data with a view to:


  • Creation of new business lines based on the validation of market needs
  • To enter new markets through strategic partners
  • Standardization of processes for create a franchise model
  • Competition studies at the international level
  • Valuation of companies or of corporate participation

¿Thinking of colonizing new markets?

Before sailing know that you can find and carry out an action plan


Our multidisciplinary comprehensiveness encompasses administrative and economic sciences allowing us to understand and analyze the market holistically in search of high impact information for management decision making.


We get contracts for your company with the government and with the private sector.


Big Data + Field Research


¿Thinking of colonizing new markets?


Increase your confidence level by making strategic decisions

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¡Value information! TRADE TRENDS ESTIMATES LATIN AMERICA 2019 EDITION Source: Inter-American Development Bank

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